September 10, 2021

The replacement of your electrical panel or your electrical entry must be undertaken without delay if you notice any anomalies. This will prevent damage to your devices and limit the risk of short circuits which can be dangerous. A special division responsible for this equipment is now available from Erco.

Electrical panels

The electrical panel is the device that connects your home’s electrical network to the electricity distribution network. It is made up of several elements such as the main circuit breaker and the individual circuit breakers. It also has the role of preventing electrical overloads.

Remember to change the electrical panel at least every 20 years. Fuse models should also be replaced with newer circuit breaker devices, as insurance companies may refuse to cover the damage they cause. Finally, here are some signs that indicate a change is needed:

Malfunction of the electrical circuit;
Unusual heat, rust or smell from the electrical panel;
Repeated short circuit.

Electrical inputs

The electrical input provides power to your entire home. It is composed of the electrical panel, the mast and the meter box. It is therefore essential that it offers the correct power adapted to your usage habits.

We recommend that you consider a replacement if you have older models. Then, you should also change the electrical input if your main circuit breaker trips too often or if you notice suspicious noises at this level.

Entrust your electrical work to qualified professionals

It is always recommended to call on qualified professionals who are familiar with the standards in force as well as the precautions to be taken in order to guarantee a secure installation for the replacement of your panels and electrical inputs. Get a free quote via the official Erco website to request our services or contact us for additional information.