Everything you need to know about electrical panels, their operation and compliance to follow in Quebec

January 06, 2022

The electrical panel is an essential element in the electrical installation of a building or a home. It plays the role of distributing electricity throughout the area and contains the safety device in the event of a problem in the electrical circuit. Find out about the types, operation and standards that electrical panels must meet in Quebec.

The different types of electrical panels

There are 2 main types of electrical panels: circuit breakers and fuses. The circuit breaker electrical panel is the most commonly used. The reason is that it offers more guarantee of security. In the event of a problem in a particular circuit of the house, the power supply is interrupted by a circuit breaker. After fixing the problem, you just need to reactivate the latter to supply the circuit with current again.

The fused electrical panel works in the same way, except that instead of circuit breakers, fuses are installed on the panel, corresponding to each circuit making up the house. In the event of a problem, the fuse in question is cut, which cuts off the power supply. It is then necessary to replace the fuse before resupplying the circuit.

The conformities to which an electrical panel must be subjected

An electrical panel is made up of several components to be able to fulfill its role. In order for it to be approved compliant and safe, the entire panel mounting must be approved. Therefore, if the empty case and each component comply with manufacturing standards, it is not systematic that their association is compliant. The professional who performs the assembly must have accreditation from a recognized certification body.

However, there are previously assembled electrical panels that already comply with safety standards. In this case, the professional will have to respect the equipment according to the specific features of the panel. In other words, if the panel is designed to support 5 household appliances operating at 220V, it will be impossible to exceed this capacity, unlike on site mounted panels where modules can be added.

Finally, your electrical panel must be installed in a room protected from humidity. Thus, it is strongly recommended not to place it in your bathroom to avoid premature damage to the panel components, which could lead to a short circuit and fires.

Trust Erco for the supply and installation of your electrical panel

For all work concerning your electrical panel and your electrical installation in general, you can trust Erco. We have a qualified professional team to carry out a new installation or a replacement of your old electrical panel.

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We also check the panel and the entire electrical installation in a home you have just purchased. This will guarantee you maximum safety and serene use of your electrical devices. Finally, we ensure the regular maintenance of electrical panels and the replacement of worn components by others that comply with the standards in force in Quebec.