The different types of electrical panels used and existing in Canada

January 06, 2022

The electrical panel represents the heart of an electrical installation in a house. In Canada, as everywhere in the world, there are different types which differ according to several criteria. Learn more about these different categories.

Electrical panel with circuit breaker or fuse

Fuses and circuit breakers are essential components in your electrical panel. Their role is to protect the house against any possible anomaly in your installation. In the event of a problem, they immediately cut off the power supply to avoid any risk of fire or damage to electrical equipment.

Fuse panels are present in old buildings. The more modern homes are mainly equipped with circuit breakers. The difference between the two devices is that you have to replace the fuses every time they cut the power. The circuit breakers are still operational. You just need to reactivate them.

Model pre-equipped or to be equipped

The pre-equipped electrical panels are devices already fitted with all the elements present in the box. All you need to do is connect the power source and house circuit to the panel. The panels to be fitted, for their part, are empty boxes in which you must install all the internal elements that will compose it (differential switch, circuit breaker, etc.).

The advantage with pre-equipped electrical panels is that they are designed to meet Canadian safety standards. As for the panels to be fitted, they offer greater possibilities of customization and adapt to any size of installation.

How many circuits?

An electrical panel is also distinguished from another depending on the size of the house and the installation it will accommodate. Overall, the larger your house, the larger your panel will need to be.

The size of the panel then depends on the number of rows and RCDs it will have. For example, for a home of less than 35 m², a device with 2 rows minimum, 2 differentials of 25 A type AC and 1 differential of 40 A type A are sufficient. For a house of more than 100 m², you need a panel with at least 4 rows minimum, 3 differentials of 40 A type AC, 1 differential of 40 A type A

Trust Erco for the supply and installation of your electrical panels

If you do not have the necessary skills, choosing the right electrical panel yourself can be dangerous for the safety of your home. It is for this reason that we advise you to use our services for this task.

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