Your electrical panel and its effects on your home insurance

January 06, 2022

In order to be properly reimbursed by your insurance establishment in the event of a claim related to your home, it is imperative that your electrical installation and your electrical panel comply with specific standards. Find out all there is to know on the subject.

Old houses, often singled out

Who says old house often involves aging electrical installation. Thus, it is very likely that problems related to this obsolescence are likely to appear. This is the reason why older homes are frequently singled out by insurers who are reluctant to cover them.

Therefore, if you want to have peace of mind about your home insurance, it is advisable to have your entire electrical installation checked, then to have your electrical panel replaced. You will not regret having carried out this work, both for your safety and for your insurance.

An update of the panel to follow the standards

It is not necessary that your house has aged for your electrical panel to be a brake on the good coverage of your house with your insurer. Indeed, the various standards in force on the safety and the connection of electrical installations evolve frequently. These changes are made in line with technological progress.

Therefore, it may be essential to update your electrical panel by replacing it when it no longer meets standards. Inappropriate fuses and circuit breakers, non-compliance with installation and safety rules in the kitchen and bathroom… Many elements make your home dangerous and exposed to the risk of fire and accidents linked to electrocution.

In which cases should you have your home insured?

Having your home insured covers you against any possible loss causing damage to your home. The causes of this disaster can be numerous, and in most cases, of electrical origin.

However, if it turns out, following the investigations, that the accident was caused by a failure of the electrical panel or the installation for non-compliance with standards, you may not be compensated, or even be penalized.

Ensure the replacement of your panel by professionals

Thus, in order to make sure that your electrical panel always complies with the standards in force, it is strongly recommended to call on a professional such as Erco for the replacement and updating of the latter.

Modifying your installation yourself exposes you to possible electric shock accidents. In addition, you may not have the necessary equipment and know-how to complete the work.

At Erco, we have a seasoned, experienced and professional team capable of carrying out all your work of checking, replacing and installing your electrical panel. We act as well on new homes as on homes already inhabited.

Thanks to our services, you can have peace of mind about your safety and you can insure your home with peace of mind. In addition, before carrying out the work, we draw up a free estimate and adjust it according to your budget.