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The electrical panel is a very important element in a construction. It distributes electricity throughout the house and protects you against accidents caused by a short circuit. Thus, any failure of the latter could greatly compromise the safety of your home. Find out precisely the conditions under which this device should be replaced and why you should trust us to carry out this task.

When should you replace your electrical panel?

– The old system has been in place for more than 10 years

Above all, it should be noted that an electrical panel is designed to last for years. However, after having been in operation for more than a decade, it is time to think about its replacement. Indeed, some components have been worn out by time, and failures can arise at any time.

– When buying a house

If you have just purchased a house, but it is not new, it is strongly recommended that you replace the electrical panel as a priority. You don’t know what the old went through, as well as the quality of the elements that make it up. For more peace of mind and to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to completely change the panel and the electrical input.

– When purchasing new electrical appliances

If you plan to renovate your electrical appliances (heating, refrigerator, small and large appliances, etc.), we recommend that you install a new electrical panel. Indeed, the old one risks not supporting the brand new devices which could be more greedy in electricity. This gives you the assurance of benefiting from an electricity distribution that perfectly suits your needs.

– When extending your home

Likewise, when you decide to extend your house by adding additional rooms or a new floor, it is better to replace the old panel which may no longer meet the needs of your new home.

Can you replace your electrical panel yourself?

No law prohibits the replacement of your electrical panel yourself. This is an operation that you could take care of, especially if you are familiar with electricity. However, we strongly advise against it for several reasons. First, it is never safe to touch an electrical input without professional equipment. The risk of electrocution is particularly high.

In addition, there are strict standards to be observed in the installation of an electrical panel and its components. There is a good chance that your device will not be compliant if you do it yourself.

Trust us for the replacement of your electrical panels in Laval

At Erco, we offer you professional and guaranteed services in the replacement, repair and installation of your electrical panel. We have an experienced team equipped with sophisticated tools to carry out the work.

If you are in Laval or the surrounding area, you can entrust us with your replacement projects for your electrical panels. Affordable prices and quality work with seasoned technicians, Erco guarantees you peace of mind in the years to come.

Electrical Panel And Input: When And Why To Replace Them?



In order to avoid risks and guarantee your safety, Erco offers to replace your panel with care and attention to detail. Our team of experts offers you a personalized service adapted to your needs, offering you safe and sustainable electricity consumption.


Since all the energy in your home comes from your electrical input, it is essential that it provide the power necessary for your consumption. Erco offers you the best quality equipment, installed by our master electricians in the comfort of your home.

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