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The electrical panel constitutes the point of convergence of all the connections of the internal circuit of a building and of the distribution network. In other words, its main role is to ensure the supply of electricity to your house. Also, it protects the entire installation against overvoltages, overloads or even short circuits and therefore limits the risk of electrocution or fires. After a while or simply when signs of wear appear, it is necessary to replace this element to ensure its proper functioning.

When should you consider replacing your electrical panel?

Beyond 20 years, an electrical panel begins to deteriorate and it is therefore recommended to think about replacing it, even if it still seems to be working well. However, it is absolutely necessary to install new equipment, even before this deadline, as soon as one of the following signs appears:

  • Noisy operation;
  • Release of heat or odor;
  • Rust formation on the box.

Finally, you must replace your electrical panel when it is full.

Why change the electrical panel?

We saw above that this equipment ensures the distribution of electricity throughout the building and protects the installation. Thus, a malfunction could deprive you of electricity or damage all your electrical devices in the long run. Also, this increases the risk of a short circuit, the consequences of which can however be disastrous.

How to change the electrical panel?

It is strongly recommended that you call in a professional to replace a building’s electrical panel. The latter has the skills and capacities required to intervene in complete safety and make the connections correctly in order to ensure proper distribution of electricity throughout the space.

Who to entrust the replacement of the electrical panel in Longueuil?

Entrust the replacement of your electrical panel to Erco if you are in Longueuil. We provide you with qualified, serious and helpful experts who have the skills and knowledge required to achieve an installation that meets your expectations. You can also call on us for maintenance, repairs or new installations. Finally, our team will be happy to offer you sound advice in the field in case of doubts or problems.

How to contact us ?

To contact us, you can directly call 450-231-5692. You will quickly be put in touch with one of our agents. It is also possible to get a quote by emailing us from our official website. The operation is completely free and without obligation and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Entrust your electrical panel to a professional!

The electrical panel is an essential part of the electrical installation of a building since it guarantees the distribution of electricity within it and protects against overvoltages and short circuits. Thus, it is necessary to replace it when it shows signs of wear such as noisy operation or even heat generation. Call on qualified professionals for this delicate mission. We note that we also intervene for the installation, the replacement or the repairs of an electrical entry.

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In order to avoid risks and guarantee your safety, Erco offers to replace your panel with care and attention to detail. Our team of experts offers you a personalized service adapted to your needs, offering you safe and sustainable electricity consumption.


Since all the energy in your home comes from your electrical input, it is essential that it provide the power necessary for your consumption. Erco offers you the best quality equipment, installed by our master electricians in the comfort of your home.

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