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The most important element in the electrical circuit of your home, the electrical panel requires special attention, especially when it needs to be replaced. Yes, at some point you have to consider this kind of work in your home. Why do it and who should replace it? We tell you everything through this article.

Why replace your electrical panel?

In the case of a new acquisition

It is important, in a newly acquired house, to check the condition of the electrical panel. If you are purchasing an older property, you are strongly advised to have this entire equipment replaced.

Indeed, it is difficult to know the probable failures from which the old device may have suffered. Therefore, it is safer to replace it, as well as the electrical input in order to prevent possible accidents.

In the case of an extension of the house

If you plan to expand the rooms in your house, or to build upper floors, you will also need to plan for the replacement of your electrical panel. This is because the old equipment may not be able to support your home with new parts.

In the case of replacing a worn electrical panel

After several years of use, the electrical panel and its various components tend to wear and deteriorate. Over time, the risk of accidents, including short circuits and the risk of fire increases. This is the reason why it is advisable to retire your old panel when it is more than 10 years old.

In the case of the purchase of new electrical appliances

Finally, replacement is inevitable when you plan to install new electrical appliances. For example, if you plan to renew your heating devices or your household appliances (refrigerator, induction hob, television set, etc.), you should replace the old device, since the latter may not cover the needs of the new devices.

In addition, it is important that your electrical panel always complies with current safety standards. As these are regularly updated according to new technologies, you should also always ensure that your system is not obsolete.

Who to entrust the work of replacing your electrical panel in Quebec City?

It is strongly recommended not to replace this equipment yourself. Indeed, the risks of electrocution are particularly high and such work requires special know-how. At Erco, we offer complete services for the replacement of your electrical panels.

We have a team of experienced professional technicians equipped with sophisticated equipment to carry out all your work in Quebec City and its surroundings. You can count on us for the repair, installation and replacement of your electrical panels and all work related to your electrical inputs.

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In order to avoid risks and guarantee your safety, Erco offers to replace your panel with care and attention to detail. Our team of experts offers you a personalized service adapted to your needs, offering you safe and sustainable electricity consumption.


Since all the energy in your home comes from your electrical input, it is essential that it provide the power necessary for your consumption. Erco offers you the best quality equipment, installed by our master electricians in the comfort of your home.

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